March 25, 2021

What did you do today?

What did you do today 

You ask


I want to tell you the truth

That I called my friends

That I took a nap in the car

That I took a walk

That I blasted my favorite songs from high school and sang over them with tears streaming down my face

That I stared at the way the wind blows the branches

That I looked at the clouds moving in the sky

That I walked into a bookstore just to feel the  spines run along on my hand

Because all these things are what I needed today 

But I don’t feel like I can tell you that

Because how can you ask someone


Watch my children

So that I can hear the sound of my own breath again 



I keep this all to myself

Because I live in a world 

Where it is not productive to touch the earth with cracked fingernails

The days in which I had time to stop are over

You are a parent now, they say. 

It is your child’s turn to play

And when they stop and dig holes in the ground

You are supposed to say

Hurry home, we have to go

I cannot dig for worms with you

It is no longer my place


For I must feed and clothe and work 

That you may notice the birdsong 

    without me.

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